Customized Ad VS. Generic Ad


Customized Ad VS. Generic Ad

After so many questions on the subject, I want to clarify this issue and create the right definition of when a generic Ad can serve your business greatly and when is time to take the generic Ad to customization & personalization for branding and marketing your business offers.

This is maybe the first question that occurs within my potential customers:

“But how can I use it for my business and how people will know the offer is of my business”?

In one word – “Position”

Remember when your business is offering an offer with some kind of discount or Sale event, it’s based on the business sales area! Your sales area can be a real physical shop in a shopping center or commercial street or online via E-commerce shop. This is your sales area.

Now, when a viewer  – the Potential customer is in your virtual or physical sales area most likely the territory will be defined already by your company main sign, logo, slogan, and products display. So the generic Ad turns automatically as part of your brand without the need to add again your logo or slogan in the movie since the movie tries now to add another value to your business, such as serving the offer you want to promote within your sales area rather than confirm again that you are in our brand…they know already where they are, now they want to enjoy your offers from your sales area.

The moment it’s in your sales area territory it’s done, the generic Ad is part of the shop.

All you need to make sure is how to find the right Ad design & atmosphere for your brand & offer type you want to promote with the right discount value which is already in the series page of the design you choose.

Now the story totally changes when we want to promote this movie out of the “Sales area of your business.

How to  Apply Generic Ads for your Buissness:

I want to sell this amazing set of earrings and I want to give it with a nice discount + brand my jewelry brand to the outside world.

OUTSIDE WORLD is anywhere outside your business site, E Commerce or physical shop. This means that you need to have an advertising movie that leads potential customers to your sales area and this cannot be done only with generic Ad, for this we need to customize our generic Ad and personalize it to our branding with the relevant marketing content which we want to emphasise in this movie.

The level of customization depends on the marketing method:

As I have mentioned in my previous posts about landing pages. In the case of landing pages, we can use the generic Ads “as is” because our “Sales area property” is the page itself, and the movie in the BG is the offer emphasizing on the discount we want to offer.

However if this movie needs to promote alone in google adword or be shared on Facebook,  the generic version will not be strong enough as a stand alone, which means it will have to go through some customization that will include your company logo, slogan, product photos or movie, the offer text and description and it all will melt into the original design you choose from the library at

The post today is not about video price signs customization abilities and technology since it has not entered the platform yet, however, we work on it very hard to make it function by the end of this year, however the purpose of this article is to open up the opportunity that is hidden within our generic library which most likely is perfect for most businesses within their virtual and physical “sales areas” and can really save lots of time and money, if only you understand where to position them.

Hope it was helpful

Written by Lior Bazak

Co – Founder of

Video price signs

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