Get A $500K advertising clip budget at 0nly 30 cents


Get  $500K advertising clip budget at 0nly 30 cents.

 The older I get, the smarter I become, sounds familiar? Probably this is the real and last wisdom this life hands us as every day passes us by. I think it’s got something to do with the life experience you’re going through along your life paths and ventures, but it’s a great thing if you can learn from it at first and pass it on to others as second, and for this I want to channel the subject of the article for this purpose in order to get better results with less effort for all of us.

Now, this whole intro is designed to illustrate the need for improving old habits into smart and advanced work in our business.

How to use existing tools that may not have been available to us in the past, but now that they are available and almost for free, how to adopt them in our business in order to get faster and better results and results for me give better sales and conversion.

How to lower your dependence on companies that provide you the same solution as an online solution but with a very high price tag.

It’s all about taking advantage of great solutions online:

Yes you most likely need to find the solution online then try it and feel comfortable with it, but for me it’s 10 times better to find the solution and pay less, than to pay 10 times more for the same solution and in many cases for a lower result, yet much more expensive because this dude can be reachable over the phone and come visit me in my business and do it for me.

That’s purely old habits and some element of laziness that leads you to the cold and expensive solution, mainly because you don’t know anything different.

Maximizing your sales by using your advertising space better

Price sign in your sales area is in a way also your business ad as well as ad is also partly a sign!

However, if you know to combine the both in one sign, you get a new power which is called “Move to action with Branding”.

The sign is the piece of property which you give the best space in your business sales area.

Moreover, most likely you position your sign or ad in the best place of your sales area in order to be seen by your customers, which makes it a high priority issue on your list.

So my question is If it’s such an important piece of property which projects your current deal/s – branding status in your sales area, why don’t you invest more in the content? I mean you did already all the rest so why not leverage it by investing in serious content that does more for your offer?

The answer is simple, too hard and expensive!

I know, to produce a static sign costing from $30 for the most simple design, to produce Video motion design sign that will cost $150 for the most basic design for 1 design only and if you want to change prices it will continue to cost to make those changes.

 This investment starts to be heavy.

Now if we want to go all the way and create video signs that look like an advertising video clip that will project branding appearances and soundtrack fix to it, this can also start from $500, so what’s the point if ROI is like our daily revenue?. I don’t want to work a whole day in order to return the signed investment for god’s sake.

Back to the Sign in your sales area.

Sign + Ad = Move to action with Branding

Maximizing your effort to create 2 messages in 1, it is just to be clever about handling your cards. Always maximize it, because you can!

In we more and more push video clips that include the offer announcement + branding. Now how can you create generic branding you ask?

Learn from the best – Coca Cola

Did you see the latest Coca cola campaign, it is amazing I can tell you right now! They sell dreams and youth…because it’s simply more cool and beautiful!

Cool & beautiful = Movie to action with branding.

All those nice young models, in all kinds of a cool sites with a cool sweet love scene, with happy & inspiring cool music in the background – WORKS!

It takes you even for 2 sec away from reality and provides you a better life, regardless that we are talking here about water with sugar and 100s of E numbers. That is the power of Branding via a video ad.

In Video price signs we grow on those understandings, we understand what motivates people and what moves them to action.

More and more we emphasize to build lines of cool and fresh generic ads that can help your business Branding.

Remember, it doesn’t matter what you sell, it’s how you sell it! The most successful campaigns in the world were showing everything but the product they try to sell because they wanted to create first that dream world in the image of their viewer’s mind before selling their product.

It’s a tricky thing

So I provided an example of Coca Cola advertising clip that easily cost $500K just to produce it, so it’s not really relevant to any small business. BUT WHAT IF…….But what if I will show you a Generic ad from Video price signs gallery page that provides almost the same feeling as that big budget advertising of Coca Cola clip, where the real difference comes down to $499.70K in saving?.

I know all the pros will say how can you compare? Well, my comparison can come for a first thing from the price it costs for our customer, which is 30 cents on the dollar per 1 generic ad!

And if this does not cover the expatriations, we would like you to watch the generic ad for yourself:

Remember, in this an example of right branding.  We don’t try to sell Coca cola products, however, we try to have the Coca cola branding secrets in our own ways.

All those secret elements are available to all of us, Nobody owns them!  The question is how we can make from them something right for our business and if possible with no budget to start with!

Hope I was helpful with this article and opened up more ideas and ways to take advantage over royalty free video ads stock.

Lior Bazak

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