Inside consumer eye


Inside A consumer eye

As a business owner we believe that as long we come with amazing product and service everything will be downhill from there, well this is far from all truth.

Maybe 40 years back where low supply and high demand marketplace was the reality for upcoming new trends.

However all this  just turned 180 degrees with the internet of things and emerging markets.

Simply there is too much of everything today and the outcome of this crowded life reality is that If you are not outstanding  – you are just standing.

What is outstanding in those days?

Consumer eye meets passively approx of 3000 advertising content range a day! Whether he is aware of it or not. It’s advertised world out there. Some ads are totally rubbish some OK, some very nice and yes some brilliant, however If we consider the cognitive abilities of a person who surfs the Internet or runs through a shopping mall full of temptations and adding to it the visual distractions and distractions that occur in his mind, we will reach a very low percentage of the customer’s attention we hope to get.

So what can we do in that case? We can raise the odds by understanding the drawbacks.

It comes down to understanding body anatomic and physics… “Vision begins in the brain”.

Vision begins in the brain

The research over the years from the digital signage industry provides us understanding of how motion is better than static. Maybe that’s why MTV took over the Radio and why video ads sell more than static ads. And this is also providing us why Mark zuckerberg investing so much for video infrastructure and give it more endorsement every single day on the biggest social platform in the world. The answer: because it’s doing the work better, nothing less!

0.25 Milliseconds

That’s the consumer attention decision made!  Whether he will simply stop for a second and take a look of what you’re offering, whether he will check the product or other products from the same page or shop or whether he will subscribe to your site newsletter or whether he or she truly finds what they are looking for to spend their money.  As long they are stopping, the first target is accomplished..

0.25 Milliseconds is not a lot of time, some will say not fair. Thats right!

Now let’s make a short test:

put in front of you video movie ad and a static photo ad, check yourself where your eyes focusing at? For the lazy ones here is the answers:

The video ad takes over the static ad with no sweat! Why? Because it’s movie for a start! Creating all the stimulation the brain need in order to order the eye to focus at.

We are humans, at least most of us and we love to observe or stare things that moves, that’s why Video is a great tool increase the odds of consumer attention, and that’s why to pass on any message or offer via video most likely will have better conversion than static message or offer.

At we understood this, however we also understood that video solution is a huge hassle and very expensive for small businesses. So we did something about it as well 🙂

I promise that In the next article I will give key points that should be in the video and how to differentiate your video from the competitors.

Lior Bazak

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