Royalty free video ads

Royalty free video ads

Royalty free video ads

We’re gonna change the advertising world with Royalty free video ads one step at the time.

How to define your campaign content

Now when we understand that video can do better for our business offers, we can get more specific into how to take advantage over it in various ways with Video price signs royalty free video ads.

Before we start running out to publish our video campaign, we need to define the type of campaign we are trying to achieve here? what is the core purpose of this specific campaign and how must we define it in a 3 speedy categories?

  • Does this campaign promote your business branding, business awareness?
  • Does this campaign promote a business event such as end-of-season sales, spot sales Crazy Monday, monkey Tuesday, Funny Wednesday? .. you got the idea..
  • Does this campaign promote a business a specific product or service?

Well we believe that 1 and 2 options or 1 and 3 options must always work together!!

Always but always as a business maximise your campaigns with the offer and the image you want to brand your business, and if you don’t understand what I mean, simply watch one of the biggest clothing brands in the world –  H&M video advertising – Did you ever see this gigantic firm advertising their line of clothing and models without some price or deal next to it…. Let me make it easy for you, the answer is NO. Why? Because they’re here to make business, always amazing advertising videos with a deal next to it, this is the secret.

As a live business our main foundation relies on daily promotions. Business need to spend 20 min a day to promote his brand awareness and offers otherwise the bottomline will be painted in red very fast.

building a new “Deal” campaign

Let’s start with the most familiar example of business: building a new “Deal” campaign.

If you are a business this is something that should employ you on a weekly basis and most likely on a daily basis and if that does not bother you, my friend you are probably in trouble more than you think.

Let’s say you have an online shop for t-shirts and you want a daily advertisement deal. An advertisement that will create a complete update to your new brand but also on the way will provide the details of the deal you want to give that day or week.

This is exactly the reason for our existence as a company here at Video price signs. We produce conceptual video clips ads for your various offers, but with a lot more branding and psychological thinking that should affect not only the sale but also the image of your business and convey the message in an amazing advertising experience to your customers.

Video Ad  First Example

So let’s take an example of  Video ad for T shirt online shop that brings much more than the offer details:

video ads
Video ads

It doesn’t show one single T shirt but it shows all the attitude of your brand and this is called advertising at its best. You announced your sale event and you created an image in your potential customer’s mind that want to look cool as your T shirt brand.

Video Ad  Second Example

Let’s take another example of a store that sells natural products.

This store must deliver a green and natural message in the first second to its potential customers.

Here is an example of strengthening brand principles with the type of deal that the business wants to promote.

video ads

We have it All Ready for YOU: allready created all the pre production for you, so you don’t need to wonder of how it’s gonna get out in the end of the process, We are providing you with a solid starting point, what is a solid starting point you ask?  It’s a point where all the scenes are done and created already, so you see what you choose upon real results and not imaginary results. This is giving you a very clear overview of what you are getting here and now and not what you might get and later. This process  saves you tons of time for explaining what you want and definitely saves you tons of money.

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