How to take advantage over Royalty free generic ads


How to take advantage over Royalty free generic ads

Royalty free principle terms took a very big acknowledge, demand and popularity in the recent years mainly within the Footage/photos stock industry because everyone understood “Exclusivity” is overrated!
Exclusivity over content does not play a role anymore in this fast content world. There is no need to make a catholic marriage with content, because content life spent is so short that by the time you get it out, it’s already getting old.
So why spend so much money and work so hard for such short term? Exactly, This is not necessary anymore unless you are a Benz brand or Armani.

Find A Real Good Advertising under 500$ ?

This world always find its way no matter what and creating solutions out of the current needs, Royalty free terms solution just makes everything easier and cheaper for all the food chain of the industry, from the advertising and publishing houses down to the small business.

If I can take the disadvantages and benefits of the Royalty free principle in one sentence “It is that you can have the best content in the world almost for free but together with all the rest, including your neighbors”

Well, since this world is also big enough, it should not be any issue with Royalty free terms for small businesses.
For example, a business from Oregon which runs an online shop or physical shop should not have a problem that a shop from New Jersey uses the same advertising right? This kind of ad will cost them each approx. $500 to produce it from scratch in order to pass on the same offer value, so why they need to pay each $500 when they can share the same ad and pay only 30 cents on the dollar?

This is what we are all about. We create new solutions over old and expensive habits and make sense of it.

So This is why we created

Video price signs took it far beyond generic footages or generic photos. We took it to the next level in terms of generic ads.
We pushed so hard to be able to provide a level of full high end production of ready advertising videos. The type of video you might invest in only one time in two years for your business but we produced just 18K of them, and the best part is that there will always come new ones so it keeps it fresh and with many more options. Here an Example:

Video price signs want to come with a real statement for the advertising industry, that it’s possible to advertise without a budget and still get results of big advertising budget thanks to Royalty free generic ad, an ad that any business can use indeed however as a small business, you couldn’t care less for that fact.

The footage and photo stock industry is great as a raw material, mainly for pros that use this raw material as part of the production processes. However for a small business to use raw video and try to produce a decent ad, will cost more in time than to even order ad production in the neighborhood studio! Nevertheless, the results will be accordingly. Therefore a ad stock was required in this industry.
The reason why you don’t see any other solutions than Video price signs, is because it’s damn hard to play this game. It is one thing to sell raw footage or photo it’s another to produce an ad. However Video price signs took it as life mission in order to change the traditional norms of expensive ads production for a business reality which cannot handle this continuing burdens.

If you are a small business online or offline, take advantage over the library and leverage your business, because it’s working and it’s a great feeling to show your offer in a cool and inviting way. And of course on the way getting it for almost free.

Hope it helps

Lior Bazak.



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