Video Ad vs Sticker Ad


Video Ad vs Sticker Ad

Your offer sign is your extra advertising and branding space, don’t miss out on it

 From our first shopping, we care to remember that today we are all familiar with the price/offer sign stands or stickers on the windows of the shops in the mall or on in the shops in the commercial streets of our city,  or in the new edge of online shopping we still see those price signs in a simple version of red or black on white background next to the product it try to promote.

in my 20 years experience in the retail segment, marketing, and branding specialties which I have learned & practiced with many different campaigns mainly from the fashion industry, I found a great deal of this advertising space and learned how this piece of space has so much more power to leverage my product sales than I can imagine if only I could have the right content displayed there. I mean looks are everything to start with.

We get appetite by the look of the meal in the photo before we buy it and if the photo is poor most likely we will settle on the processed burger in Mcdonalds because the photo or the menu looks amazing, this is valid for all products spectrum. It’s about how you display the offer in your viewer’s eyes, how you turn a viewer to a potential customer and how you turn a potential customer to a paying customer.

It’s all connected to that split moment of consumer attention.

What a basic sign in many cases cannot do, a great sign can do.

I have seen countless cases where a great sign turns up the sales and saves the day.

This is a required process for every store owner, whether it is a physical store or an online store, to try different ways of marketing his products through price and price story, and even if it’s pushing only 30% extra in conversion, it did the job  and ROI over this price/offer sign investment several times over.

You own a piece of advertising space in your E-commerce site or in your physical shop, now what are you gonna do with it, this is the question?

Video price signs were born from this need, understanding that a great offer sign can in many cases be more useful & powerful than a salesperson just without the monthly salary, however, the dealing with this graphic content & design approvals etc. created this compromise status.”let’s push some cardboard with some discount offer and move on” but business should never project compromising appealing in their customers eyes, because the outcome is that their product is also compromised.

Remember in any pop up offer there is a hidden genius branding! Just need to keep the concept together.

The full Potential of offer Signs

Where can you see the full scale of this potential over offer signs advertising space is in the big brand’s shops and e-commerce sites. Again, someone there makes them pay too much and this is not the idea, right? I want the sign for 30 cents on the dollar !! just push my offer /discount/sale/deal/coupon but make sure to make it in style, amazing, inviting and on the way branding my business says the wise business man.

None of us don’t have any motivation to pay 100$ for a cool sign because tomorrow we need a new offer/deal sign and let me tell you something, this issue is never going to disappear as long as you are in the business of buying and selling products or services.

In one of my retail ventures, I was the owner of a shop in a mall.

Stop Using Stickers !

I’m telling you it was bizarre what that shopping mall asked from me in order to promote their shopping mall sales events. Anyhow, I was busy in straightening stickers to the windows and after pulling them off which took forever and never looked clean after, I just could not believe all the logistic time and money spent for each sticker sign where everything can be done better faster and more effectively.

The digital signage world is not growing rapidly for nothing, it’s easy and looks far more inviting and branding than any sticker in the world.

However, when we come to digital signage as any business, you need to know around in order not to pay premiums for content but this is another discussion.

I want to give examples of how things are and how they can be done:

Let’s make a simple price breakdown for physical shops.

Sticker signs:

Sticker or printer cardboard of 60” on 40” = $70 Minimum without the artwork! For the basics, art work adds another $30 minimum.

(Not inc. Installment and removal from your window)

Installment and removal another $60 if they are really kind and very close to your business

= $160 for 1 campaign not since the logistics and time spent for creating this graphic.

So if you limit your yearly number of campaigns to 12, you will find that you spent for cardboard and stickers $1,920 per year!

Video signs:

Now let’s take digital signs breakdown

One time purchase of  HD 60” screen – $800 (no need of any connection just disk on key access and if you want direct broadcasting to connect to the internet and stream directly from the library).

$9 per month for 30 downloads from a library selection of 18K signs library, you can change to a new design even each hour if you want without any removal or installment effort.

Or $149 for the yearly subscription for unlimited downloads.

You can use $25 cheap tablets for video price signs displays, you can use the big screen for the general announcements of business offer.

=  First-year cost inc. the hardware stand on $949 only and the second year it will be only the video price signs subscription for $149.

Total saving of $971 for the first year & $1,771 from the second year and on …..

The Result:

BIG saving and huge branding and efficiency upgrade for your business. Higher conversion and far less handling = better revenue!

Technology should help businesses and it does help businesses almost in all segments, and there is no reason why not to save time, money and increase sales and branding at the same time thanks to creative tech solutions.


The prices example are approx market prices and might be different from one place to the other, therefore we are speaking averagely overall prices.

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