Video Ads


Have been proven to be the most effective marketing tool online. But they are not as available to us as we would like them to be.

When I say video, I don’t mean to take a video with your mobile phone. Marketing or promotional video is the combination of text, sound, copywriting, media, effects, motion graphic, timing and production,and to make it all into a super stunning piece of art or in our case piece of marketing video art.

We’ve tried it all

From the “Do it yourself” and all the way to the big budgets production. But the major problem that occurs to me is that none of the extremes sides were right or necessary for the investment that was invested in it. We were missing the balance, on one hand, were missing the stardust that only pro productions can get to those results and on the other hand the “Do it yourself” turns more into like don’t bother.

New day – New campaign – New day – New design

Nothing can beat instant that is made by a taste of quality

And yes there is such a thing called “Instant quality”! Imagine ordering from a takeaway from the best restaurant in town. You don’t care how long time they work on their best dish as long you will get it upon arrival. This is the same with Video price signs concept. Years of work for you to arrive and take what you need and when you need it for almost nothing.

Every day of your business life you will be able to get a new design of new video ads, video signs, video price signs, video offers for any of your business events instantly, effortlessly and uncostly.

So Video ads should not be such a big deal anymore! Jump into and check the video ad collections.

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